Pyrogen Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System

Pyrogen Condensed Aerosol

A revolution in fire suppression technology.It really is rocket science!

A revolution is taking place in fire suppression. Developed from solid rocket fuel technology, Pyrogen is the world’s first commercially available Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System. Designed as a safe & practical alternative to Halon, Halocarbons, Chemical Powders and Inert Gases, Pyrogen Is available from stock in a wide range of canister sizes. It is an inert non-toxic solid that remains stable until electrically or thermally activated, where upon it produces a gas-like extinguishing aerosol. The aerosol attacks the fire chemically and physically, giving virtual instant extinguishment and preventing re-ignition. In certain instances, it even prevents explosions. For many applications, Pyrogen is the only practical alternative to Halon.


Pyrogen is inspired by the Russian Soyuz Space Research Program

The Soyuz Space Research Program used aerosol fire suppression systems in its space rockets for all its positive attributes, including safety, effectiveness and efficacy.


Pyrogen's superior chemical reaction removes oxygen from the equation, thus choking flames to extinguish.


Pyrogen has been extensively tested and approved by numerous international authorities and standards.

Pyrogen chokes fires to death!

Pyrogen aerosols introduces potassium radicals into the flame chain reaction, thereby depleting all oxygen. The fire is extinguished chemically.

Very low maintenance required

Very little room required

Easy to install and retrofit

Total flooding or direct to source application

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